Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Verizon Sucks Big Time

Recently got a wireless card from Verizon for my pc. The guy at the store told me UNLIMITED BROADBAND access.

THIS IS A LIE. Verizon just disconnected me for downloading podcasts from iTunes.

They say 'video streaming' is not allowed. How is downloading podcasts of news and NPR radio shows 'video streaming?'

Verizon Sucks. Verizon Sucks. Verizon Sucks. Verizon Sucks.

I just switched over from ATT to Verizon for my cell phone. It works fine and even bought one for my sister. Thought I'd switch from T-Mobile to Verizon Broadband for my PC.

Verizon Sucks. They say that I can only 'surf' the internet and check email. No downloading or uploading. I had no clue that downloading would not be covered. READ YOUR CONTRACTS. Especially if you want to use a iPod or MP3 player with their wireless pc cards.

Verizon Sucks.


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