Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Verizon Lies Concerning 'Unlimited' Wireless Broadband Use for PC Cards

Tech Dirt: Verizon Lies

Limited Unlimited Doubletalk: Verizon Unlimited Data For Limited Types Of Data
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The story of bogus "unlimited" services, especially from Verizon Wireless who has been offering extremely limited EVDO wireless service which they advertise as "unlimited," isn't new at all. For quite some time, we've been wondering why no one has gone after them for false advertising. Still, the execs at Verizon Wireless keep trying to talk their way out of the fact that they kick people off the network if they use more than 10 gigs a month of service (that's a limit, right?) even if that number isn't listed in any marketing or legal material. Recently, a Verizon Wireless exec tried to brush off the issue by claiming (falsely) that they could kick people off, but didn't. Considering how many times we've seen complaints from people suddenly cut off by Verizon Wireless, that seems to be an outright lie.

Now, Broadband Reports notes that Consumer Affairs has noticed this issue as well (someone there was cut off with no warning). They went to Verizon Wireless and got some amazing executive doublespeak in response. A spokesperson claimed: "It's very clear in all the legal materials we put out." Right. See, it's not at all clear in the marketing material that they use to actually sell the service to you. There, it says "Unlimited" in big letters. It's only in the fine print of the legalese that no one reads that they let you know you can't really use the service for very much. Then comes my favorite line: "It's unlimited amounts of data for certain types of data." Ah, it's unlimited for limited kinds of data. How could anyone possibly be confused? Of course, even that's false. They're cutting off anyone with over 10gigs of data -- no matter what kind of data it is -- by claiming the only way you could possibly use 10gigs in a month is to use prohibited types of data. Either way, for those who keep claiming that things like EVDO are a true alternative to DSL, it seems Verizon Wireless' continuing effort to doublespeak their way around this issue suggests otherwise.

Verizon Sucks.


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